Collaborative Growth: Inclusive city planning that emphasizes accessibility, walkability and affordable  housing.

  • basketball courts at parkWork directly with District 5 by hosting community meetings and mapping to identify opportunities for growth.
  • Prioritizing new parks that broaden residents’ access to recreation,green space and the arts.
  • Leveraging impact and utility connection fees to incentivize affordable housing development.


Unlocking Potential: Economic recovery that is grounded in living wages and opportunities for socioeconomic mobility, particularly with those who have been historically excluded.


blackwhite dog at park

Thriving Companions: Support for community animal control that will help Las Cruces establish itself as a no-kill city.

  • Implementation and monitoring of trap-neuter-release (TNR) by Animal Control.
  • Promoting expanded access to microchipping and low-cost spay/neuter services.


Green Futures: Action to reduce Las Cruces’ impact on climate change, including through utility use and distribution.

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